Posted by on May 18, 2010 | 2 comments

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Yesterday I wrote a post on the virtues of shooting film and tips on getting started with black and white film development. Today I stumbled on a very nice Screencast and post on FeelingNegative giving you a general primer on chemicals. If you’re tempted to dive into the process I advice you check it out.

I would still like to add another developer to their Rodinal advise, Kodak HC-110. Like Rodinal it’s a very efficient developer with a very long shelf life when kept in its concentrated sirup form.

The standard dilution for HC-110 is dilution B which is 1+31. 1 part developer on 32 parts of water, which we can easy calculate. Lets say you have a Paterson Universal tank and you want to develop you 35mm film. I use 300ml for doing that (the Paterson Univeral tank says 290ml on the bottom but its a pain to calculate with that number). So all we need to do is dived 300ml in to 32 parts (literally 31+1) which is 9,3ml. Which leads me to my next suggestion, buy a syringe!

To close a link to even more details on HC-110