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I came across our anonymous photographer while working on a project. She didn’t announce herself as a photographer but while talking to her I was struck by her keen inside into street work and photography in general. I asked her if she does any work of her own and she told be about Footwear Legends. While most street photographers would focus on scenes at eye level this project differentiates itself by diving all the way down and find character in peoples footwear and legs.

The project according to our photographer:

“The project dates back to the summer of 2012. I was on a Paris metro, which was so crowded that there was no choice but to lower your eyes or else breath into the back of someone’s head. As soon as I started practicing this habit, I saw a completely different, parallel city scene. I’ve never paid so much attention to peoples feet before. I noticed the different shapes of toes seen through open toe shoes, and then of course I started to explore shoe design and the splendor of colors.
A few months after I tried on Spanish vintage boots, bought for a ridiculous amount of money in a second hand shop, I’v never felt so sexy. Unfortunately, they weren’t mine. But those two events culminated into my new passion, footwear. As told by somebody, who shortly before had no clue who Christian Louboutin or Jimmy Choo are. However this is not about brands, it’s about people who decorate their legs and make steps which I want to capture. I call them Footwear Legends.

From the get go I completely adored this project. Flipping through the Tumbler stream of images you’ll discover an amazing amount of diversity. From down right erotic too funny and interesting. Apparently we say a lot more with how we adorne the the lower extremity of the leg then we realize. Our anonymous photographer gets around so expect to see a wide a wide plethora of cultures getting around and becoming Footwear Legends.

I’d say that this project deserves our support and attention, so check it out and/or follow at the addresses bellow.

I’ll be following this project closely and post any updates on it in the future. Thanks to our anonymous photographer for the text and image attached to this post.