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This morning I went trough my list in Google Reader and thought it would be fun to do a post on what sites I follow.

In general there are two different categories of blogs/sites which I visit, the ones where I go for learning and the ones where I go just to look and get inspired. I’ll start of with the inspiration section.

I think looking at art is a key part of enhancing your artistic eye. Browsing those sites often takes me longer then reading through a couple of blog posts. Bookmarking a photo to comeback to it later is one of the tactics I use to dissect composition and lights being used (Read-It later is great for this). I have a big weak spot for portrait photography so the combination of those two elements are what I usually focus on. Now I  can hear you thinking that those two elements are important in every form of photography. That’s true of course, but to take nature photography as an example, you wouldn’t be talking about lights used but rather the light that was available (and how that was utilized). Of course there’s still a whole bag of corner cases. Anyway on to the list! Here they are in no particular order:

  • ReduxPictures, on location photojournalist style photography
  • ONEXPOSURE, really good source of inspiration only your best pictures are allowed here. And yes, they have judges.
  • ArtPhotoBlog, a blog of photos from different photographers all over the world. I really enjoy this website and can’t wait for new editions to it. The work is great but updates infrequent, so be patient and enjoy.
  • Flickr last 7 days, probably no big surprise here. This is one I visit every now and then.
  • The Big Picture, picture stream from The Boston Globe

Is that it!? Yeah pretty much! The truth is that OneXposure and the ArtPhotoBlog pretty much fulfill my needs. OneExposure offers great work and updates are really frequent, this morning I had 17 new photos. The last time I looked was last evening. ArtPhotoBlog I often visit even though  there are no new editions.

Okay, so now for my blog list, comments will follow after:

  • Strobist, great place to learn from a speedlight carrying guru. Treasures of knowledge can be dug op here.
  • Squeeze The Lime, learn from these to Belgium photographers through podcasts and screencast.
  • Kelby Training, a site filled with hundreds of screencast about photography, photoshop, lightroom and much more. It’s payed subscription but well worth the money, go check it out every class has a couple of free videos.
  • Photocritic, nice read with good resources.
  • Lightroom Killer Tips, I’m a lightroom user and this site has loads of good tips and resource. The author of the site, Matt Kloskowski, also has screencasts on Kelby Training.
  • Joe McNally, ever  wonder what a forest of speedlights looks like? Want to learn the left handed mind like water camera body grip? McNally also has video’s on Kelby Training but actually has a reputation far exceeding that of the Kelby website. This guy has done a lot and understands light.
  • 1001 Noisy Cameras, the tech and gadget side of photography. Go here to find rumors, big stories and links to reviews. I much prefer using this website above DPreview only. This website also links to DPreview reviews and previews but also to loads of other.

I’m sure I’m still missing a couple of blogs but I think this list consist of the ones I most actively read. I want to mention the Strobist blog and the guys from Squeeze The Lime extra as I think they are really doing a wonderful job in sharing their knowledge. I’ve learned a lot on these websites which would have taken months even years of searching and trying to find that stuff out for my self. Be sure to visit those and go through their archives. If you’re interested in of camera strobes and in general learning to see the light I would recommend diving into the Lighting 101 course on the strobist site and go from there.

Okay last but not least if want to share 4 book titles (you know hard-copy). I actually have loads of books on photography, but I wanted to mention these three as they are great to get your self started on composition and feeling good about the work you produce. Art is in the eye of the maker.

  • Photographic Composition, by Tom Grill & Mark Scanlon
  • Learning To See Creatively, by Bryan Peterson
  • Art & Fear, by David Bayles & Ted Orland
  • Light, Science & Magic, by Fil Hunter, Steven Biver and Paul Fuqua

I’ve learned a lot from these books when I started out (I’m still starting out, been starting out for the past 8 years). I would suggest you read Photographic Composition first, it provides very good basics and a bit more theory then Learning To See Creatively, this way you can read Learning To See Creatively book after Photographic Composition and you can skip some of the theory and focus a bit more on the photographs and their comments.

Art & Fear discusses the questions artist often have about there own work. By addressing those it attempts to explain some of those questions, but also to provide you with a clearer view and a better feeling in creating your own work.

Okay that’s it for my list! I hope you found it interesting and discovered a couple of new sources of inspiration and information.

It would be great to see a couple of comments with your favorite reads and tips!