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Photoshop compositing tutorials, my top list

Look no further these Photoshop compositing tutorials will get you creating your dream world in no time.

There’re a lot of Photoshop compositing tutorials around. Over the years I found that a lot of those sites cover the basics really well. Maybe push their way into intermediate level. When you want to go further and make mind blowing  composits in Photoshop you’re often left to experimentings. Nothing wrong with that but who doesn’t like a good instruction video! Here’s the list of my best Photoshop compositing tutorials.


This is the Photoshop tutorial site which changed it all for me. There are a lot of really good free Photoshop compositing tutorials. The Pro Photoshop compositing tutorials are really one of the best out there. Not only are the tutorials good they’re also fun to watch! No one likes to listen to a bland voice and silence while watching a two hour tutorial video. Aaron Nace who does almost all the tutorial video’s makes the learning process fun with his sense of humor and casual flair.

Just checkout these Pro tutorials that I have watched myself to improve my compositing techniques. Yes these Photoshop compositing tutorials cost money, but they’re worth every penny. I tested them for you so you won’t run the risk of buying something that won’t help you.

1. The Perfect Composite. Cut out a subject and color match it to your background.

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

2. Island of Morel. Amazing composite with some great special effect. Breathtaking!

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

3. Night Fairy. Take your skill to fairy-tail levels.

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

So yes, I’m a big PHLEARN fan! Just check them out even their free video’s are more then worth it. If you’re looking for good Photoshop compositing tutorials this is the place to look for them. You can even test out your work on their community and win nice price’s.

Learn Photo Editing

Okay I have to admit that the name isn’t very creative, but full credit towards descriptiveness. I bought a life time membership with this guy. That sounds like I had to dig deep to be able to afford this but it’s really cheap! His Photoshop tutorials go into a lot of detail. A lot of them are over 3 hours long!

This is the second place I look after PHLEARN. Why isn’t it the first? Well PHLEARN does a great job at making their instruction video’s, they’re entertaining and fun to watch. At Learn Photo Editing you won’t get the same quality video’s. The host isn’t very entertaining and sometimes has moments where he remains silent for too long.

However, at that price and the amount of information you can get from this guy Learn Photo Editing is still a huge recommend! Stick with him and you’ll learn some really interesting techniques on compositing and more.

Did I mention he does aliens?

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials

Photoshop Compositing Tutorials


That’s it for my Photoshop compositing tutorials list. Stay posted for more on Photoshop, compositing and other advanced photography techniques.



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Photoshop compositing tutorials
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