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I have a small tip for Nikon flash users. Most of the time, if not all the time, when I use my flashes (sb800 and sb600)  they are always of camera. Often it will happen that I balance them in some form or another with available light. Now it should be noted that I always have my camera and flashes set on Manual, but this tip should also be use full if your using TTL. Usually when I’m getting my exposure right I will take a couple of shots with ambient only. When I’m happy with everything I start firing away until I feel the need to change something and then the process starts all over again.

The thing I never really liked is the fact that disabling the flash disrupts my workflow. I prefer much more to just press and hold a button and take the shot and release the button to take me back to flash, AE-L hold style. It so happens that you can! Yesterday I was browsing the menu of my D300 (I’m sure you can at least do this with a D90 D200 and D700 as well) and found that you can reprogram the (for me useless) aperture preview button to do it for you. This has made me so happy I felt the need to share it and make those users that are as anal as I am just as happy. So here’s how to do it:

Press MENU –> Go to the Custom Settings Menu (the small pencil) –> Choose “f Controls” –> Choose “f5 Assign Preview Button” –> Go to the “Preview Button Press” option –> Select Flash off  –> And, very important, press the OK button.

And that’s it! Try it out, you don’t even have to take your camera of you face to do a quick ambient exposure!