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This rather generic, but aptly, named book by Bas Adriaans saw the light of day 4 months ago. Back then I gave it some attention on this blog with a short description and a link to Blurb where you can preview and buy the book. However I would like to give a bit more background information on how this book came to be, it so happens that I had the privilege of being a close observer of the blood, sweat and maybe even tears, that made Women what it is today. I’ve seen many preliminary versions of the book, different formats, shapes and sizes. Eventually he decided which of the photographs, he spend months tinkering with the order, should appear in the book.

But who is Bas Adriaans? A little excerpt from the book.

“Commercial and fine art photographer Bas Adriaans (1971, Eindhoven) is already an Interior Design graduate when he is accepted into the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in The Hague to study photography. His zeal for the medium does not go unnoticed. Before long he is offered a select opportunity to assist acclaimed Dutch photographers Jan Zwart, Bert Teunissen, Gerrit Schreurs and Johan Vigeveno. After he completes his formal training in 1997 he enters the professional sphere and finds his commercial portfolio growing steadily with a diverse range of editorial, advertising and corporate assignments.

Throughout he continues his conceptual explorations of the female form which have since become part of an impressive series of fine art nudes.”

As the text reads Women comes forth of the above mentioned conceptual exploration. I know Bas Adriaans to live and breath his passion for the female form in photography. When talking to him he’ll regularly mention his latest discoveries and thoughts on the subject. A lot of women in the book he boldly approached on the street, politely expressing his interest and presenting them with a business card and a link to his portfolio. He treats his subjects with respect and has been known to stand in the kitchen himself to prepare lunch before the start of the shoot. However when the shoot starts it’s business, this is where his zeal truly shows, he expects the best of himself but also from his models.

The book shows some of his best work, often sensitive and beautiful but at times erotic and enticing. The angel dressed in a delicate white shirt revealing just the rounding of her bosom, the anonymous details that hint toward a fetish. What on one page is carefully concealed is revealed in detail on the next. One thing you’ll notice is that Bas Adriaans stays away from full nudes or portraying the female genitalia. He hints but never fully reveals.

Women by Bas Adriaans is available in three versions softcover, hardcover with dust jacket and printed hardcover. As mentioned the book is available through Blurb which means only a limited part of the proceedings go to the artist, which is a shame considering the amount of work that went into this publication. However if we buy enough of them we might get Bas Adriaans to do Women Part 2, who knows.

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